Dr. De Witt, Jannie

  • Qualifications :
    M.B., CH.B(Pret) M,MED Paed) (Pret)
  • Address Info :
    4th Floor, Medical Suites, Arwyp Medical Centre


Dr JC de Witt is a Paediatrician, he can be consulted by new and existing patients in the rooms for the following:

Office paediatrics including : 

  • 6 weeks examinations and developmental assessments
  • Daily feeding problems
  • Milk Intolerance
  • Follow-up of premature babies
  • General paediatric consultations

Special fields of interest including:

  • Paediatric Asthma
  • Childhood Allergies
  • ADHD and behaviour problems
  • Children struggling with recurrent infections
  • Inborn immune deficiencies

Dr de Witt is also available for telehealth consultations on the medici app for known patients.

Download the app (medici.md). https://www.medici.md/

Dr de Witt’s unique code is IFOAELMEY2.

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