Admission Requirements

Private, Medical Aid or WCA patient?

Arwyp is a private hospital providing a medical service to its patients at a fee. Whilst the fee due to the hospital is primarily the responsibility of the patient, payment terms and conditions depend on whether the patient will be fully responsible for the account, i.e. a private patient, or whether the patient is a valid member of a medical aid, in which case the medical aid could assist with payment as per its rules and regulations.

Payments for services rendered could also be covered by third parties such as Travel Insurance, Insurance, Hospital Plan, Worker’s Compensation Act, etc. It is therefore important that the patient is aware of all the facts prior to admission.

What do I need to do if I am a Medical Aid patient?

Questions to ask the medical aid when phoning to obtain an authorisation number
(This is the responsibility of the patient)

  • What costs will be covered?
  • What length of stay is covered?
  • Which maximum benefits or exclusions will be applicable and
  • What benefit restrictions regarding prosthesis and instrumentation apply?
  • Whether a motivational letter is required by them for the particular procedure you are about to undergo. (This letter must be obtained from your doctor, prior to admission.)

If you are experiencing any problem with your medical aid regarding the

  • authorisation number,
  • tariff code,
  • costs

please contact the Arwyp Medical Centre Admissions Supervisor on 011 922 1348.

What do I need to do if I am a Private patient?

Before admission private patients must discuss the total estimated cost of the hospital stay with their doctor and the Arwyp Medical Centre Accounts Department on 011 922 1528.

You will be expected to pay this full amount on arrival at the hospital.

It is therefore advisable that you follow the pre-admission procedure to ensure that all admission and payment requirements are met in advance.

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