Direct admission or Pre-admission?

Admission to the hospital can either be one of the followng:

  • Direct admission, i.e. when the patient is admitted to hospital at short-notice.
  • Pre-admission, i.e. when the patient needs to be admitted at a future date.

Direct admissions usually occur when the patient is sent from Casualty or from the specialist or doctor for immediate hospitalisation.

In most cases, however, hospitalisation will usually be required at a future date, in which case the patient is recommended to make the necessary arrangements as set out in the pre-admission procedure below:

Please note that the time you are asked to report to the hospital will differ from the time at which your operation actually takes place. This is done to facilitate the time allocation for the theatres as well as to accommodate emergencies and variances which occur from time to time.

Unless otherwise instructed by your doctor, patients must not eat or drink anything for at least six hours prior to admission.

The procedure and requirements for direct admission is described under admission requirements.

Pre-Admission Service

The pre-admission service has been established to assist patients with the administrative and legal requirements for admission to Arwyp Medical Centre.

Patients can make use of the pre-admission process in two ways:

Visit the pre-admission clinic at the hospital’s main entrance prior to the date of hospitalisation in order to personally arrange and finalise the admission requirements,


Use the Arwyp website to initiate the pre-admission process.

What is the process for using the pre-admission service?

The pre-admission service is available during:

  • Monday – Friday, between 08h00 and 18h00.

The service will also be provided during other days and times but could take longer due to the non-availability of Medical Aids to provide the necessary authorisation.

Preferably the patient should make use of the pre-admission service at least 3 days prior to admission to comply with Medical Aid rules and requirements. Irrespective of the Medical Aid rules, Arwyp will accept Pre-admission up to the day of admission.

All maternity patients must notify their relevant Medical Aids usually within the first two months of their pregnancy
(Or as specified by the relevant Medical Aid).

Click on the following button:

After accepting all of the requirements.

Press on the drop down menu on the top of your screen and select Pre-Admissions.

Complete all of the sections and press submit.

Remember to bring the following with you to the hospital:
  • Doctors Note
  • Copy of Identity Document
  • Copy of Medical Aid Card
  • Suretyship Form
  • Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Laparoscopy Report (if required)
  • Injury Report (if required)
  • Discovery Dental Form (if required)
  • Liberty Claims Form (if required)

The following documents will be required:

  • Main member’s Identity Document / Passport / valid Driver’s License
  • Latest Medical Aid card or Medical Aid Certificate if Medical Aid card is not available
  • Doctor’s Note (Reflecting relevant procedure codes)
  • Medical Aid authorisation number (All Medical Aid members)
  • Any additional documents required by your Medical Aid

For Medical Aid Patients:

Members who have not obtained an authorisation number from their Medical Aid, a free self-service telephone is available for this purpose.

The admission process can be fast tracked with your assistance. On condition that you have copies of all the required documents you will be directed to the Fast Queue counter for a speedy service. For this purpose a self-service photo copier is available for your use.

What are the advantages of using the pre-admission service?

By following the pre-admission process prior to admission, the patient is certain of admission on the day of reporting for hospitalisation since all possible obstacles would have been identified and overcome.

On the day of admission, provided all the documents are in order and no fees are outstanding, the patient will be admitted to his/her bed within a couple of minutes.

How long will the pre-admission process take?

The time it takes to complete the pre-admission process differs from case to case and will depend on the time it takes to obtain authorisation from Medical Aid.

Typically the process should be completed in 30 minutes.

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