Dr. Narainsamy, Jay

Specialist Physician / Endocrinologist
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I am a specialist physician since 2010 and qualified as an endocrinologist in 2015. I have completed my masters in medicine in 2015. Endocrinology has always been my passion since registrar training and I am currently enjoying my experience immensely. I have focused a lot of my practice on Diabetes care as this is a difficult condition to treat as entire lifestyles need to be overhauled. The reward is immensely gratifying whenever I can make a difference in my patients’ lives.

Honors and Awards

I have written for numerous journals including the South African Journal of Psychiatry, South African Journal of Diabetes and Lifestyle Diabetes magazine.

I have studied at the University of Natal for both my undergraduate and postgraduate training.

I have been working as a specialist physician in both the public and private health sector until 2015. I am currently practicing as an endocrinologist in private.

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